10 Free Wine Tastings In California

10 Free Wine Tastings in California!

10 Free Wine Tastings In California

Spending an afternoon wine tasting in California is an awesome way to share time with friends or better yet, sharing it with that special someone. Wine brings out the romance in all of us and it is hard to imagine a celebration without pouring a little bubbly, and y’all know me. If there’s a bottle of alcoholic grape juice, and it’s free? Yeah…I’m in! Here are 10 free wine tastings in California that you can enjoy this year.
1. Sonoma-Cutrer, Sonoma. You can’t leave this vineyard without trying their award-winning creamy Chardonnay. It is probably the most buttery, creamy Chardonnay on the market.
2. Rodney Strong, Sonoma. Their Cabernet Sauvignon is an absolute favorite and has deep, rich notes that make it a perfect Cab.
3. Kendall Jackson, Sonoma. This winery has an all-around great reputation for creating wines that are just right for most palates. KJ’s Chardonnay is the wine that most people start drinking when they are just getting into wines – it is delicious! Try the Kendall Jackson Petite Syrah if you are into wines that push the envelope for deep, bold reds.
4. Roche Winery, Sonoma. First three tastings are free. They have a great red blend that should be on your Must Try List.
5. J.Lohr Vineyards, Paso Robles. This winery has great wines under the $15 price point and their Red Zinfandel is a must as is their Syrah. J. Lohr has yet to disappoint and is a great wine to always have in your wine collection!
6. Eberle Winery, Paso Robles. Enjoy a pretty cool cave tour with your free wine tasting. Hard to beat hanging out in a cave drinking a glass of vino! Talk about making unforgettable memories!
7. Cass Winery, Paso Robles. Cass Winery offers free wine tastings with lunch and they have one of the prettiest vineyards in the Paso Robles valley. Cass makes great wine and having a bottle or two in your collection is a must!
8. Siduri Wines & Novy Family Winery, Santa Rosa. One thing to know is that the Siduri label is only used for their impressive Pinot Noir and Novy Family is on all of their other wines. This wine tasting is by appointment only and in an industrial area, which makes it quite unique. They have healthy pours and some great tasting wines!
9. Zilaro Cellars, Coronado Island. The first and only tasting room on the beautiful historic Coronado Island near San Diego. They offer a complimentary tasting and then if you want a flight of wines to taste, it is quite reasonable at $12 for five wines.
10. PWR Wines, Napa Valley. This free wine tasting is by appointment only, but well worth the phone call to get in. The People’s Wine Revolution is a newcomer to Napa where the owners wanted to make $100+ per bottle wine more affordable for everyday people.

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  1. Many thanks for the kind words, but I am afraid that PWR Wines is currently unable to host tastings. We are working on it, and look to be set up again soon. We’d still love to hear from you if you’ll be in the area, and perhaps we can even arrange something. Thanks!

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