Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes

Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes

Welcome to the Ultimate database of Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes!
This is a community based effort in where we collaborate to find and collect Weight Watchers Recipes to make in our fabulous Instant Pots (or other types of pressure cookers). Yes, these recipes will absolutely work in any other type of pressure cooker kitchen device!

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This is your ultimate stop for finding and discovering amazing Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes! I’ve spent a lot of time in finding as many Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes that I could find; however, you all play a HUGE part in this! My goal is to keep this list of Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes to grow as much as it can to help us all along our weight loss maintenance journey that we are on.

If you have come across any type of Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes that you would like to add to the list, then place go and join my Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes Group on Facebook! My Facebook group is dedicated to a community of people that are working together for a common goal of support and recipes to make in our Instant Pot that falls within the guidelines of Weight Watchers. So we provide all types of recipes and the FreeStyle points that are associated with them. This is truly a group unlike any other, and I’m sure you will love it!


Instant Pot Recipe Categories

Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

Instant Pot Beef & Pork Recipes

Instant Pot Seafood Recipes

Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes

Instant Pot Vegan Recipes


All Weight Watchers Instant Pot Recipes FreeStyle Point Values are given directly from the different recipe sources or from a community member that added ingredients into the WW Recipe Maker.

Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

To go to any recipe, simply click on the button and it will take you right there! FS = FreeStyle

You’ll find lots of fabulous Instant Pot Chicken & Turkey recipes here in this spot. As I find more recipes out there online, I’ll be updating this list, or if YOU find them and submit…I will update the list.

Pineapple Chicken 0 FS

Chicken Cacciatore 3 FS

Chicken Salsa 1 FS

Creamy Chicken Pasta 8 FS

Chicken Stew 3 FS

Mississippi Chicken Breast 5 FS

Chicken Enchilada Soup 2 FS

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps 0 FS

Chicken & Bean Soup 1 FS

White Chicken Chili #2 0 FS

Sriracha Chicken Tacos 5 FS

Kung Pao Chicken 4 FS

White Chicken Chili 0 FS

Chicken Taco Soup 0 FS

Garlic Chicken & Rice 4 FS

Chicken Breast Black Bean Bowl 4 FS

Chicken & Roast Vegetables 7 FS

Chicken Lentil Soup 1 FS

Mongolian Chicken 6 FS

Chipotle Chicken 8 FS

Turkey Burger Macaroni 6 FS

Asian Chicken 2 FS

Chiptole Chicken Tacos 2 FS

Spicy Mango Chicken 2 FS

Butter Chicken 3 FS

Chicken Tika Masala 5 FS

Chicken Salsa Verde 0 FS

Chicken Taco Bowls 2-6 FS

Chicken Chili 0 FS

Chicken Bean Taco Soup 0 FS

Chicken Meatloaf 1 FS

Instant Pot Beef & Pork Recipes

Ghormeh Sabzi 6 FS

Barbacoa Beef 3 FS

Lambe Stew 5 FS

Garlicky Cuban Pork

Chili Lime Steak Bowl 5 FS

Pot Roast 7 FS

Beef Stew 8 FS

Ghoulash 2 FS

Pork Carnitas 3 FS

Skinny Steak Soup 3 FS

Chunky Beef Soup 3 FS

Instant Pot Seafood Recipes

Shrimp & Rice 5 FS

Low Country Boil 1 FS

New England Clam Chowder 6 FS

Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes

Bean Soup 0 FS

Spaghetti Squash w/Ricotta 5 FS

Eggroll in Bowl 1 FS

Baked Beans 3 FS

Instant Pot Vegan Recipes

Refried Beans 0 FS

Chana Masala – Punjabi Chole 0 FS

Sweet Potato Stew 3 FS

Steel Cut Oats 4 FS

Lentil Curry 4 FS

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