We All Scream For Ice Cream! #IceCreamMonth

National Ice Cream Day


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Blog Meets Brand for Mars® Ice cream.

During the Summer months, I really don’t ever need a real reason to eat ice cream. However, National #IceCreamMonth kinda gives me a little extra incentive to eat more different flavors, and to indulge (guilt free, of course) in my favorite flavor: Dove Caramel Cashew Crunch! It’s totally amazing and delicious! For National Ice Cream day, my family and I are planning a little something special. We’re pulling out all of our personal favorites and are going to binge watch movies while having the air conditioner blast an amazing cool air across out feet while they are raised on the living room table.

Since we tend to have more time to relax and enjoy each other’s time together, we like indulging in a weekly ice cream gathering. We normally will watch movies, play a board game or two, or just listen to music and talk each others’ ears off. Literally…talk our ears off, minus the time that our mouths are full of those delicious ice cream treats!

Mars, Inc. creates amazing frozen confectionaries for the whole family to enjoy. They love it even more in helping to create family memories during these hot summer months when you can’t bear to go outside and face the heat. Here’s a list of some of my favorite frozen delicious treats from them:

starburst sorbet

The Starburst is one of their newest flavors for the summer! It’s even in the shape of Starburst! However, it’s not just ice cream…it’s sorbet! I LOVE sorbet. Almost as much as ice cream. Almost! I have to say, this was Angela’s favorite flavor! She loves the slight tanginess flavor that comes with it. Just like a starburst candy chew would have!

dove caramel cashew crunch

Then we have my absolute most favorite of them all, the Dove Caramel Cashew Crunch! It’s sweet caramel ice cream that is matched with chocolatey thick hard shell with cashew pieces in it. Uhm…yeah…do I really need to say more? It’s totally amazing! The only problem is that I want to eat like the whole box, luckily there is three to a box. However, they have a multi-pack variety! Eeeek! When I came across that, I was done. I bought four boxes of them.

m and m ice cream cookie sandwich

The M&M Cookie Ice cream sandwich is my sister, Jeni’s, Favorite! She loves cookies and M&M’s®, so both of her favorite worlds were brought together in one delicious bite after another.




Then we have three other flavors: Twix, Snickers, and Milkway! Yes…all three of our favorite candy bars come in an ice cream version! Our summer world is so much better with the amazing caramel center. Yes…Twix has the crunchy cookie pieces, and Snickers is packed full of peanuts. No longer will you have to put your candy bars in the fridge or freezer to eat. Just go to the freezer section of your local grocery store, pick up a couple of boxes, and unwrap to enjoy!

By now, I know that you are ready to go to the store and grab a few boxes! I mean…how could you not? They are ready for you to go and enjoy, while creating your own family memories!