TGI Fridays Weight Watchers Menu Items to Enjoy + FREE Printable

Believe it or not, there are actually TGI Fridays Weight Watchers menu items that you can actually enjoy while dining out! There’s so many different options from appetizers, to sides, to entrées that you can enjoy whenever you want.

With the Freestyle program, we have SO many different Zero Points Food options, and I love the variety of life that it opens up for us. 

That’s what I love about the WW (Weight Watchers reimagined) Freestyle program. The Freestyle program is made to fit YOUR lifestyle and around foods that YOU love. You have points that you can use however you like.

Unfortunately, my points don’t allow me to indulge into a cheeseburger with bacon, fries with melted cheese, and everything else in the world that I totally WANT to have. That’s when I realize that I’m wanting to lead a healthier life than what I’ve lived in the past. 

That’s what WW is all about: A healthier you with a healthier lifestyle. We don’t need to be afraid of going out to eat at restaurants that we want to anymore, and I love it! You can find healthy options everywhere. You can even find TGI Fridays Weight Watchers options on the TGI Fridays menu, which helps to make my life a little easier with dining out options. 

Fears of Dining out with TGI Fridays Weight Watchers Menu Items

We all have this overwhelming fear that we are going to slide while dinging out at TGI Fridays, or most restaurants. Stop being afraid. The temptations are everywhere, but this is a great learning experience in learning how to order and reimagine your food since you’re on WW now.

It’s all about balance and finding the right food combinations. You can save up your points and totally indulge if you want, or you can enjoy everything in moderation. 

I love starchy foods, so I tend to eat half of my mashed potatoes at TGI Fridays. This way I’m only using up 4 SmartPoints, instead of the full 8 SmartPoints that it usually is.

Also, the portion sizes at TGI Fridays is very generous, so I now find that I have left overs that I can use as a meal the next day. So don’t be afraid about dining out at TGI Fridays anymore because you have the total power of everything in your hands now! 

To help you not be afraid on your journey, I’ve put together a list of menu items + their SmartPoints value. Now, can you make some of these points lower? Of course, you totally can! How? Trying having things without a sauce, no butter, double vegetables (say bye bye to starch), and so forth. There are many simple swaps that you can do!

tgif fridays weight watchers printable

TGI Fridays Weight Watchers Menu List + Printable

Appetizers and Sides

  • T.G.I. Friday’s Restaurant Crispy Style Boneless buffalo style chicken bites (without sauce), 6 pieces, 4 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Potato Skins, Cheddar & Bacon, 3 pieces, 6 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Friday’s Honey bbq sauce boneless chicken bites, 6 pieces, 4 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Friday’s Poppers Stuffed jalapeños with cream cheese, 3 pieces, 7 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Friday’s Steak quesadillas, 2 piece(s), 6 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Mozzarella Sticks, with Marinara Sauce, 1 piece, 3 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Lemon-Butter Broccoli, 1 order, 4 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Chips & Salsa, 1 order, 9 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Mashed Potatoes, 1 order, 8 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Cheese Dip, Spinach & Artichoke, 2 tbsp, 1 SmartPoint


  • T.G.I. Fridays Million Dollar Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken & Green Goddess Dressing (lunch portion), 1 salad, 11 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken & Caesar Dressing (lunch portion),1 salad, 10 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays BBQ Chicken Salad with BBQ Ranch Dressing (lunch portion),1 salad, 13 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Strawberry Fields Salad w/Grilled Chicken & Balsamic Vinaigrette (lunch portion), 1 salad, 5 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Friday’s Dill pickle chips with a zesty horseradish sauce (chips only), 8 piece(s), 6 SmartPoints


  • T.G.I. Fridays Parmesan-Crusted Chicken (w/mashed potatoes & lemon-butter broccoli), 1 order, 18 SmartPoints Hint: You can make this lighter by leaving off the lemon butter and doubling up on the broccoli! You’ll then have 7 SmartPoints meal!
  • T.G.I. Fridays Dragon-Glaze Salmon (w/double super veggies), 1 order, 3 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Pasta Carbonara, Creamy Chicken, 1 1/4 cup, 7 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Turkey Burger, Green Style (no sides), 1 burger, 6 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I. Fridays Dragon-Glaze Chicken (w/double super veggies), 1 order, 3 SmartPoints
  • T.G.I.Fridays Sizzling Chicken Fajitas, 1 tray, 12 SmartPoints

The printable is a tri-fold, so you fold it up and carry it with you whenever you need a reminder of what the points are of your favorite TGI Fridays Weight Watchers menu items. Below is a small sample!

fridays ww menu printable image

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What are some of your favorite TGI Fridays Weight Watchers food you love to enjoy?

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