Rules And Regulations

rules and regulations

Every group has their rules, regulations, and functions of the group, as it helps keep any type of drama out of a group…and helps to maintain sanity for everyone involved. If you EVER have an questions about anything, please always feel free to reach out to me! This list will help explain and outline everything you will need to know about anything at all that I can possibly think of. I will grow the list as I see fit, only to help maintain order in all matters.

  1. There is to be absolutely NO drama in this group. Don’t even think about bringing it in there. If you do, I will cancel your subscription for you. There will be no questions asked. I don’t care to know what’s going on in anyone else’s groups. I’m not sure about you, but I certainly have enough going on in my life than to have to worry about what’s going on in anyone else’s.
  2. Please stay honest at all times. I will not stand for any type of lying to be done.
  3. At all times, you are to maintain in being: professional, polite, and courteous. We are all professionals, so I expect everyone to act as such.
  4. This group is for Bloggers and VA’s only. Your VA’s are not allowed to do work for you in this group. This is about you, and not about your VA’s that help you.
  5. You are NOT allowed to Block me or an admin of the group. If you have an issues with either of us, we expect you to please speak up so any issue maybe resolved as fast as we can. Do note that I am not above and beyond in getting on the phone to chat to mediate between any manner, or just to vent so we can move forward in life in a positive direction.
  6. Hours of Operation: We are NOT available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This group is open Monday through Friday. If you do thread work on Friday, then please refer to the Group Thread Work rules.
  7. Group Thread Work: If you are participating in a group thread for social media work, you have until 12pm EST the next day to finish the thread. You also may not participate in a new thread until the past one is done. Example: If you drop a link on a group thread on Monday (no matter what time you drop the link), please make sure that it is finished by 12PM (NOON) EST on Tuesday. The last you can drop a link into the thread is 11:59PM PST. Yes, PST. This way everyone has an ample amount of time to drop a link and work on it. When you are done with the thread, please put the word DONE in the comment section of the thread. I also suggest you press the like button next to each person’s name in the thread to help keep you organized. I know many don’t want to go into FB jail from liking, but that is why it’s imperative to put the word “DONE” in the thread comment section. Either myself or one of my admins will tag you in a post to finish the thread. It is not a form of calling you out. It is simply a reminder to finish. If you do thread work on a Friday, then you are expected to be finished by Saturday 12PM (NOON) EST.
  8. Group Giveaways and Flash Giveaways: Giveaway post(s) MUST be published within 24 hours of the giveaway going live. It not published & reported, you will be removed from the giveaway. If you are having issues with any portion of the giveaway, please communicate with me! That’s all I ask.
    1. Each giveaway will have a certain amount of required shares across your social media platforms. At the end of the giveaway, you will be supplied a form to fill out with all of your link shares. Failure to do any of the required amount of shares will lead to you being banned for 30 days of joining in any form of giveaway.
    2. Not everyone will be in a group giveaway. Someone will host Flash Giveaways. Flash giveaway prizes (whether Paypal Cash, Gift Card, or physical gift) will be supplied by me or one of the sponsors. I will ask for a certain amount of bloggers to be in a giveaway, and then I will ask for a certain amount of bloggers for a Flash Giveaway. Our list of giveaways will grow, as our membership of the group grows. So, I do not know how many giveaways will be happening during any given month.
    3. If you cancelled your subscription and are in a giveaway, please do not worry! You will STILL be in the giveaway! It was part of your dues that you paid for. It is only fair that you remain in the giveaway for the full duration, but you will still be required to do the work you committed to doing. If you don’t do the required work, I will be happy to explain this matter to the sponsor.
  9. Function of Group Dues: So, you want to know what your dues are going towards? That’s a great question, and I want to be upfront and transparent with everyone!
    1. First and foremost, some of your dues are going to me to help pay me for my time in doing all of this for you all. My time is not free, and I’m working hard 0n giving you information, helping make connections, and to assist in making you as successful as I can with the tools that I’m providing for you.
    2. Some of your dues will going towards paying the VA’s of the group. They will be working hard to help keep things maintained and organized.
    3. Some of your dues will go towards Giveaways and Flash Giveaways that are not provided by a sponsor.
    4. Some of your dues will go towards any type of speaker that requires payment to setup on a webinar and for them to do things for you that would require extra work.
    5. Remaining Dues will go towards internal fun and competitions.
  10. Sponsors: There will be sponsors in our group. The sponsors will range from all different types of websites. I want to be able to provide a complete place for all of your needs. I will NOT be the one in control of the the product review process between you and a sponsor, unless otherwise noted.
  11. Sharing of Group Information: I am working hard to make this group amazing for YOU! If you share group information with anyone else outside of the group, then you are only hurting yourself. If I find out that you are sharing our group information with anyone, I will find out. You will be removed from the group plus any giveaway that you are involved with, I will cancel your group subscription, and you will BAN you from the group for the life. No exceptions.