Ritz Crackers Are Part Of The Family


I remember the first time I had a Ritz Cracker. It was in my Great Grandmother’s house at her kitchen table. She had some sliced cheeses and pepperoni placed on a white paper plate. I thought it was the most fanciest thing I could ever have, plus it was delicious…so you know I used to shove as many as I could in my mouth. However, I don’t remember if I took the time actually breathe between bites. My Mom used to make these little snacks of Ritz Crackers and cheese for us, but there was just something different when my Great Grandmother made it for me. Between the sweet bites of Ritz Crackers and cheese, I could smell the fresh salt air of the ocean blowing in from the front window. Besides the food and snacks she would make me, I loved visiting her because she lived close to the ocean. I get love with an ocean view. How much better could it get for a kid?

Then, when visiting my Grandmother one day…she brought out a white paper plate with Ritz Crackers, sliced cheese, and sliced pepperoni on it. So, “This is where Grandma gets it from!” I thought to myself. Then all of the lights were going off in my head: Ritz Crackers is a family tradition for us, along side sliced cheese and pepperoni served on a white paper plate. That’s a whole lot of love displayed on a simple white paper plate…but it’s there. In the most simplest form.This is why #ILuvRitz.

Now, Ritz and SWA (South West Airlines) wants to know why you #LuvRitz with their #LuvRitzSweepstakes. Ritz and Southwest Airlines want to know where you want to go and how you enjoy Ritz Crackers. One lucky winner will win $5,000 in Southwest gift cards!! Just Tweet or Instagram your response along with #LuvRitzSweepstakes to be entered. (Example: “I want to go to #Dallas for the holidays and enjoy Ritz Mint Thins #LuvRitzSweepstakes”). It’s that simple. So, where do you want to go for the holidays while enjoying an amazing #Luv filled Ritz product?

If you need a little inspiration for your Ritz Crackers, then visit their LuvRitz website to look at some pretty tasty recipes! You can even vote for your favorite! I have my eye on this Pizza Cheese ball! Sounds Delish!