Rice Pudding Dessert Shots #SummerOfPudding

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Everyone enjoys pudding in their very own unique way. Some enjoy eating it right of the container, which I have definitely been known to do a time or two…in a one day. Though, I like dressing up my pudding a little bit. First and foremost, I completely am in love with KozyShack® Rice pudding. It’s even better that it’s made with simple, wholesome ingredients, and it’s completely gluten free! A gluten free dessert is always on the top of everyone’s list, especially my friends and family members!

For me, I like adding something a little extra in it while having fun! I’m totally in love with whipped cream and raspberries, so I decided to bring all of my favorite little things into one little dessert, and I do mean little! Of course, I’m using KozyShack® Rice Pudding, fresh raspberries, and some homemade whipped cream for this. However, my honey might not be too keen on me using his shot glasses for this…but I’ll let that be our little secret! Shhhh!

kozyshack rice pudding shots 2

Look how completely adorable these looks! They’re just as delicious! These are great to make for any occasion: birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, quick get togethers, and so much more!

Rice Pudding Dessert Shots #SummerOfPudding
Yield: 12

Rice Pudding Dessert Shots #SummerOfPudding

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes


  • 1/2 Cup Of KozyShack® Rice pudding
  • 12 shot glasses
  • 1/2 Cup of Whipped Cream
  • 1 small package of raspberries


  • Set aside 12 raspberries out of the package, as you want to garnish your dessert shots with these.
  • With the remaining raspberries, cut them into quarters. We will be using these as the layers between the whipped cream and rice pudding, as you see in the photos.
  • Spoon in the rice pudding, add some raspberries, add your whipped cream, add raspberries, top off with rice pudding, and then garnish with whipped cream and a plump raspberry on top!
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    kozyshack rice pudding dessert shots

     I hope you enjoy this super simple dessert, and don’t forget to go and enjoy some delicious KozyShack® pudding this summer!