ReTape Made Me Throw Away My Bag Clips!

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Can we talk about how many bag clips that one family has? It’s a pretty obscene scene. We have these for so many different types of bags from the freezer to our dry storage for chips and such. The worst part? The clips break or they tend to start sliding off of the bags they were on, and it becomes just a huge nuisance when all you’re trying to do is to keep those chips, crackers, and frozen blueberries nice and sealed for a longer bit of freshness. Well, you can finally say goodbye to all of those clips! I’ve got a much better solution for you. That Solution? REtape. You’re about to love me a little bit more for making your life a little bit easier without having to fumble around for all of those clips.


Here’s just a few of my many different bag clips. 

REtape is going to change the way you seal your bags. REtape is a reusable food storage tape system that you can use a few times over on the same bag or box that you’re using it on. Use as little or as much of the REtape that you need to use depending on the size of bag or container.


As you can see, it looks like an ordinary tape dispenser that has a roll of the specialized REtape product inside. What’s great about this little thing is that it 4 little suction cups at the base of it. So, you can easily find it a great little home and stick it there. Now you don’t even have to worry about it sliding all around when you’re needing a piece of that REtape magic.


The tape itself has red and blue colors as set measurements, just in case you become obsessive about equal amounts of tape being on certain sides of the bags or boxes.


The REtape sticks to the bags just perfectly, and you can open close quite a few times before it loses a little sealing traction. Which is great for if you have a ton of kids and people that love to snack on food throughout the whole day.


It also works on a metallic based type of bags, too! REtape doesn’t care. REtape just does it’s job.

My only complaint about REtape? It doesn’t work on kids’ mouths. Besides that, it’s pretty much of a perfect product that I will keep in my house!