The Perfect Gift For The Man In Your Life

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Let’s face it, sometimes men are just are hard to buy a great & quality gift for. My brother is kind of one of the hardest guys to shop for: he loves the outdoors & hunting, but loves his video games at the same time. However, he has more than enough games. This when I came across KnivesShipFree! I was doing plundering around the web in the search of finding him something for hunting. He totally needed a new knife, and I was so excited to that I had a huge light bulb come one for this idea! One more Holiday Gift down!


This is the one I’m getting him. It’s super sleek, orange camo (to help match his other stuff), and it’s produced by a well known knife company called BUCK. Any hunter who is a serious hunter knows that name brand! It’s not too big and bulky, so it’ll easily attach to any of his hunting gear he carries around with him. The price point fits right within my budget, so that’s making my wallet super happy. KnivesShipFree has a huge variety of knives at all different price points to fit any budget. Plus, the knives they carry aren’t those cheap ones that won’t last long…like the ones you can easily get from a flea market.

What I love about the company is that, even though they don’t check every blade because they come from the most amazing & reliable companies, you can actually request for them to do a free blade check to make sure there are no imperfections in the knife you’re purchasing. OH, and guess what? Your knives ship for FREE!

I also love that they don’t just leave you alone after your knife purchase. They want to make sure that you know how to take care of your amazing newly purchased knife. So, they actually have great advice and tutorials on how to sharpen your knife! It doesn’t matter what type or style knife you have, they have tips for each type! ¬†However, I just read the biggest advice ever: Don’t ever sharpen your knife! I totally didn’t know that? Why? Because if you properly maintain your knife, you really won’t ever have to sharpen it! Sharpening is really meant for super dull knives.

I love that the knife is super high quality, and I know that my brother is going to absolutely love it! That’s why it’s going on my Holiday Gift Guide this year! An amazing high quality product shipped from a trust worthy company that stands behind it’s name.