Pepto-Bismol Gives You The PinkRelief You Need

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I don’t know what my family would do if we didn’t have Pepto-Bismol in my house. My house that has 7 hungry stomachs that eat all day long. Seven hungry stomachs that eat non-stop. Of course, it is partially my fault that they’re always hungry. Why? Well, it’s because I love to cook. So yes…it’s my fault that I make delicious food with a butter base. It’s my fault that I put cheese in a lot of my recipes. It’s my fault that I have strong southern roots and infuse that with my Puerto Rican and Italian heritage, and you will see it come to life in my cooking…and maybe in your stomach.

Yes. I said it. Even in your stomach. When I’m done cooking, and everyone has shoveled food in their mouths…they might get a little heartburn or indigestion – that includes myself. Everyone once in a while, I’ll grab an off brand antacid to help ease my stomach woes; however, they only help for a short amount of time or only help with one symptom and not the other. When the indigestion and heartburn truly sets in, I grab my packets of Pepto-Bismol chewable tablets.

I love Pepto-Bismol because it actually attacks 5 different symptoms at once, and not just one or two! That’s perfect for me, especially since I have 3 little boys and an Angela that are always getting a little sick here and there. Just think: If one person gets a small stomach virus, they (WE) all get it. This is where Pepto-Bismol helps give that #PinkRelief!

pepto bismol pink relief 3

Pepto-Bismol helps ease: Heartburn, Indigestion, Nausea, Diarrhea, and Upset Stomachs. This is definitely the perfect thing for my family. No one puts up fuss when they need to take it, mostly because it doesn’t taste “Nasty” (as one of the boys said), and doesn’t taste gross (Angela said). So, Pepto-Bismol definitely saved our little rear-ends on the taste side. Everyone knows we all hate taking medicine, even though it’s going to help us heal the symptoms, if it tastes bad. Also, if you don’t care for the traditional flavor of Pepto-Bismol, you can always get the “InstaCool” peppermint flavored variety. You get the same benefits of #PinkRelief, but just with a yummy minty after taste. Want something different? Than go for the Cherry flavored variety! Your family is covered with any flavor.

With all of these great benefits for me and my family, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your own #PinkRelief. You’ll totally thank me later. No “Butts” about it.

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