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This is for my monthly Amazon List of Products that are hot, trending, and all other types of “evergreen” product list that prices change very little. These products will also be things that people will actually click on, products according to season, products that have a minimum of 3 star reviews. If you’re looking for a way to increase your clicks and affiliate revenue, then go ahead and click on the subscribe button! Just make sure you fill out this google doc first, so we can stay in touch and I can add you to my Secret Facebook group where I share additional information and deals that I happen to find!

On the flip side of life, if you no longer wish to continue on for the time being…then just click the unsubscribe button! This will help facilitate our lives in a more expeditious manner. Please note: There are no refunds at all to this list. I find great products for you to share on a weekly basis, and fun stuff once in a while to share in the group. Enjoy!

To subscribe, just click on the subscribe button!

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