Schickk®Hydro Razors help make everyday an Epic day that I can face the world! #MakeItEpic #ad

Make Everyday A Shick® Hydro Day!

Schickk®Hydro Razors help make everyday an Epic day that I can face the world! #MakeItEpic #ad

Everyday I wake up, I look into what I can to grab hold of the day. I stay a pretty busy man. Besides working from home, I take care of my special needs sister, 2 puppies, make 3 meals a day, make snacks twice a day, constantly change the channels for all Nick and Nick Jr shows, wash the dishes, stay on top of my other job, and look for other great creative posts to write. Even though I’m busy, I love trying to make every day an epic day. I’m determined to do it! I don’t make excuses, I just do it. However, in order to get my day started…I have to make sure that I’m groomed, shaved, and ready to face the world! What’s even better is that I’m able to grab these Schick®  Razors while I’m doing my normal shopping while at Giant Eagle. I love shopping with convenience!

Schick® Hydro gives me just the right tools that I need to make my day epic. Especially with their sensitive blade line that comes with hydrating gel and skin guards, which help calm down any skin irritations that might happen with normal razors. Schick® truly understands my skin’s needs. Whether I want a clean shaven look, or just a touch up around my neck…Schick®Hydro 5 has become my go to razor for my grooming needs. I know what you’re thinking, “But does it do a great job?” Yes it does, and I have some photos help you see it in action!

IMG_0451I’ve got my skin prepped with favorite Edge® shaving gel for sensitive skin and I’m ready to open the package and go to town on my face!


I always like to start with my neck. It’s always where my hair tends to be the coarsest!


I then go straight to my sides and measure out my sideburns.


Then I move onto my cheeks and chin.


As I move across my nose around, where my skin is the most sensitive, you can see that I’m not scraping my skin. The razor is just gliding right across my skin and not causing and type of skin irritations at all! This razor is totally amazing…and it’s why I love it.

IMG_0456Yeah baby! Look at the super soft baby skin. You can  just reach through the screen and touch it! My skin feels amazing and smooth. Plus, I didn’t have to go back and shave over and over the same exact spot, as I would normally have to do with my old razors with the 3 and 4 blades on it.

IMG_0458My skin is in love with the Schick® Hydro razor, and makes me feel like I’m ready to face the world with any type of challenge that may come my way!


By the way, this was just me the other day…making it an epic one while doing my normal rock climbing and hiking. This is me making my day…an epic one! Learn how you can make your day an epic day by visiting the Schick® Website by clicking this link!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick® Men’s Shave. The opinions and text are all mine.