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I love hosting parties at my house, especially when it gets to involve my friends and show them some cool new kitchen gadgets that have come out, and how these gadgets can actually be super helpful in the kitchen raising your kitchen’s intelligence…just a little bit. I can honestly say that I do have a ton of little kitchen gizmos and gadgets. I get it from my grandmother. She had just about every single kitchen utensil to make her life easier. From apple core peelers to little rubber spatulas. You name it…she had it. If my grandmother was alive today, I know for a FACT that she would actually have these two items in her kitchen. It makes me super happy to remember her while showing them off to my friends and adding them to my kitchen collection.


What’s a party without having some yummy and delicious food!? I made a whole lot of appetizers for the party for my friends, and I actually did use the KitchenIQ products to help me out in doing some minor prep work. mostly helping me to using the Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener to sharpen my cutting knives, and was able to use the pairing knife that’s attached to the end of the 3 in 1 potato peeler tool! Yes…it’s attached to the potato peeler! How stinking cool is that?

You’ll have to excuse the following pictures, but it was just starting to get dark…and I really only had a couple that turned out well lol. However, here’s how it all went down!

I had a lot of friends come over, 11 to be exact…so I was super excited! I only had 5 KitchenIQ Better Zesters to giveaway, and was super sad that I didn’t keep one for myself! Next time…I’m totally keeping one! Those things are amazing! But we can talk about that soon. I used red potatoes to show off some of the mad skills that I had acquired from using the KitchenIQ products, and then made them all jealous while I made my crockpot pot roast (that would be our dinner for the next day). Of course, they all wanted to spend the night because the smell was just amazing…and they wanted to eat it for breakfast. I love my friends too much!


I started off by showing them how simple the knife sharpener was to use. I love the handle for the sharpener, as it creates a nice stabilizer on any surface. No more needing to hold it in your hand or one of those flashy knife sharpening wands. Within 3 swipes, my knife was amazing sharp! This little thing packs a lot of power! In fact, I even decided to sharpen an old pair of scissors, and was instantly impressed with how sharp they were afterwards! Again, I only did 3 or 4 swipes (I can’t remember which because I was talking, as I normally do too much lol) and they were basically brand new to use again! This will be great for Christmas when Santa needs a few helpers to sharpen those knives for wrapping paper.


Then it was time to go to town on this potato with the peeler section. It peels like a pro and with a lot of ease. I love how the handle felt in my hand. Not too slim and not too bulky. It also comes with a little plastic sleeve protector for the peeler blade. I thought that was a super great touch! It easily snaps off and on with no problem at all.


This is almost my favorite part of the 3 in 1 potato peeler tool: It was a super sharp pairing knife that’s attached to the base of it. The reason why I love it? The matter of convenience. Haven’t ever had those little brown spots in your potato, and you needed to cut them out? But you had open your drawer again to go and get it? You no longer have to worry about that! You squeeze the handle and it’ll pop right out, and pops right back into place when you’re done with it (of course, after you wash it!). Of course, this is so much more for than just potatoes. This great for any root vegetable or fruit that you need to peel.

Everyone definitely loved both of these gadgets, but they all definitely were in love with the 3 in 1 potato peeler tool. It was a total hit at the party! Yet, everyone’s even more favorite gadget? The Better Zester? Mostly because five people were getting it for free, and the other reason being that the zester has an easy slide off and on zest catcher at the bottom of it! Honestly, I’ve not ever seen that on a zester before and I was totally impressed by that. I hate when you’re zesting citrus fruit, and the peelings kinda fly all over the place. It’s annoying.

However, here are some fun pictures of the party and the winners, too!


Okay…so this Beverly, and well…we call her Aunt Beverly. She’s one of Angela’s most favorite people in the world! And of course, Aunt Beverly’s food taste so much better than hers and when she eats off her fork lol. This girl, I swear! She’s a hoot…but we love her…and so does Aunt Beverly.


Then Rudy was one of the winners! He’s completely stoked about this zester because he was actually going to use his old one tomorrow night for dinner! I call that perfect timing.

Beth was another one of the winners! Look at her styling with it! Hello photo shoot. lol.


Michelle was super ecstatic to get her zester! Her fiancé is a chef, and she knows that he’s going to totally love it!


Then lastly, there was Tasha! She seriously can’t wait to get home to start playing with her new toy! She’s doing a lot of clean easting recipes in her home, and this is going to come in super handy for her!

Okay everyone, party is over! Time to play the gracious host, and clean the house. Can anyone please come and help me? I’m totally done for the night, and enjoying my second glass of wine…which is amazingly delicious! I love a great cabernet this time of the year. Oh wait…back to KitchenIQ! If you want amazing and reliable products to help raise your kitchen’s intelligence level with ease, then you totally need to get these products now! Even you know a blossoming chef that’s looking for some fun kitchen toys, then look no further! You’re all set with these babies!

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