Johnsonville cheddar cheese and bacon Grillers are super amazing! #SausageFamily

Johnsonville Grillers Makes Summer Grilling More Exciting!

Johnsonville Grillers are adding a whole new level of flavors to your grill this year! #SausageFamily

I had an amazing time making a delicious and easy dinner using Johnsonville® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SausageFamily. The grilling season is finally here, and families are coming together to enjoy the amazing taste of the creative talents of all of the chefs that are taking on the Grill…one recipe at a time! I had so much fun in trying to incorporate lots of great different flavors for Johnsonville® on behalf of Socialstars and becoming a part of the #SausageFamily! Yes, this is totally a sponsored post, but everything that I write, eat, do, and share photos of are completely me and unbiased. I was completely excited to help put in my own two cents about Johnsonville’s® new amazing product: Grillers!

It just so happened that some of me and my friends were getting together for a BBQ, and I thought, “Hey! What a great time to see what other’s think of this product!” I love being able to get the opinions of others when I can. I love getting together for impromptu gatherings, and I’m hoping to do a lot more with BBQ’ing! There’s just something that’s so fun and endearing in cooking on the grill. Food just tastes so much more amazing on the grill, but there are also some great memories that are created around cooking on the grill too. With me, it always reminds of friends and family members getting together. There’s always fun outdoor games to play, the music blaring, the beverages are freezing cold in the ice chest, and the smell of grilled hamburgers has saturated every sense  and increasing the intensity of wanting to smash that burger in your face as soon as hits the bun.

Johnsonvill® understands the need of an amazing and tasty hamburger that will appeal to the masses when they join together to celebrate family and friendship around the grill.

Johnsonville Grillers on the grill and sizzling away! #SausageFamily

I honestly didn’t know which ones to start off with, so I decided to cook both at the same time! The ones on the left are the Steakhouse Onion Grillers, and the ones on the right are the Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Grillers. I loved the sizzling sound it made once I placed it on the hot grill.

Johnsonville grillers are smelling amazing! #sausagefamily

With in minutes, the aroma coming off of these Grillers was amazing! Everyone was entranced by smell of the Grillers on the grill! You can already see the nice caramelization factor happening on the outer edges of the Johnsonville® Grillers! Once I started seeing them brown, I flipped them over and gave them another 4 minutes to help capture the full flavor and create those yummy grill marks! For the Grillers, I wanted something completely fun to do with them. So, I bought some Portuguese rolls (that are available at any major supermarket that sells the Johnsonville® Grillers), or you can use ciabatta!

Delilah is totally loving the smell of the Johnsonville Grillers! #SausageFamily

Okay, this is a super important photo I had to share! This is my Stephen and my little girl, Delilah. She smelled the Johnsonville® Grillers cooking away, and was getting too excited! You completely wanted the whole pile of Grillers I just made. Stephen had to make sure to calm her and relax. Sorry puppy, these are for us…unless we drop them on the ground. Then all is fair in love and BBQ.

Johnsonville Steakhouse Onion Grillers are just amazing with Avocado salsa or Guacamole! #SausageFamily

In this photo, is the Johnsonville® Steakhouse Onion Grillers! I didn’t want to do the old boring lettuce, tomatoes, etc. I knew that it was gonna be packed with flavor, but I wanted to add a little bit of flair to it! A light bulb went of: Guacamole!! What a perfect addition it was to this Griller! The creaminess of the avocado, and the fresh tastes of cilantro, diced peppers, and fresh lime juice was just a perfect accoutrement! This was a true hit! Everyone honestly couldn’t believe hot totally delicious it was, and I completely agree. The mixture was completely amazing! You can either buy the guacamole, or you can make my amazing Avocado Salsa to put on it!

The community griller for everyone to try didn't last long #SausageFamily

We started sharing the first one off of the grill, and everyone went crazy. They were even nice enough to feed other people, but I think that I was really a safeguard to make sure that the other person wouldn’t devour it all in one bite!

Johnsonville cheddar cheese and bacon Grillers are super amazing! #SausageFamily


The next big hit was Johnsonville’s® Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Grillers. Uhm….can you say Ah-Mazing! It completely was! Again, I don’t do boring at all! I came across an amazing mixture of sauerkraut and pickled english cucumber mix at a store a few months ago and became hooked on it. I just knew that it was going to be an amazing and perfect fit, and I was totally spot on. The slight sour crunch mixed with the smoky delicious flavor of this burger was completely just jaw dropping. If you do anything this summer, then you have to get this and devour at least 5 of these Grillers by yourself! Well, keep a couple for yourself and share the rest with your friends and family. They need to participate in this amazing palate experience! One bite and they will be hooked, I know that everyone at our BBQ party was!

The masterpiece Johnsonville Griller in hand! #SausageFamily

Don’t you just want to dig right it in with your teeth and saturate all of your sense? I thought so…it’s what we did!

Johnsonville® wants to make sure that each of your BBQ experiences this summer is an amazing one! They have so many different flavors of their Grillers to choose from: Cheddar Cheese and Bacon, Swiss Cheese and Mushrooms, Steakhouse Onion, Original Brat, Cheddar Cheese, and more!

Summer time BBQ’s is not just about the food. It’s about creating amazing memories with your friends and family members. To help make sure your memorable moments go off without a hitch, Johnsonville®created an amazing online app to help you all out! Welcome to the Brat Signal! Send out invites in a snap! You’re gonna love it!

Make sure to visit the amazing folks over Johnsonville® Kitchens on Facebook and Twitter! Come and share your summer time experiences with them and what creative items your grilling up for your family gatherings!

Have you tried Johnsonville® Grillers yet? If so, which ones? How did you like them? How did you dress them up?