Katy Perry & Jodi Piazza Autism Awareness

Katy Perry Duet with Jodi Pizza During Night of Too Many Stars

I can’t say that I truly understand Autism, but I know of many children that suffer from Autism. I know many friends with family members who are autistic. I can only imagine what people with Autism go through on daily basis. I give my love and support to all of you who have struggles of living with a family member with Autism. I Love you all.

I came across this video that absolutely touched my heart. I hope it touches yours.

If you, or someone you know, has someone with Autism or to learn more about Autism…please visit the following websites:






How do you live with a child with Autism. From what I’ve learned, if you’re proactively treat the disease in it’s earlier stages…than you have a chance to bring a brighter light into their life. I know that a lot of autistic children love textures, sounds, music, visually stimulating objects. I’m definitely no expert at all, so please do not consider me to be one. This is all free information that I have found. If you feel that you have no direction or chances to get assistance with your child or family member who has autism, than please use these resources. They are there to help. God Bless.

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