Instant Pot cheesy chicken and pasta dish I made last night was a HUGE hit with my family! My family is loving the Instant Pot, as I am able to get dinner done and served in under 30 minutes. That’s a HUGE sigh of relief in my home as I have such a busy day before trying to get dinner started. Time escapes me, and I wind up taking over 1 1/2 hours to making a full meal for my family. In fact, I have used my Instant Pot 3 times this week, and am planning on a fourth soon! This week I made Sausage & Peppers and then Tex Mex Chili in my Instant Pot. Go and grab the recipes because they’re super simple and definitely delicious!
Instant Pot Cheesy Chicken and Pasta dish is easy and delicious!

My family adores and chicken, and they love them some cheese. So of course, it was an easy thing to try to cook. The only thing that I was concerned about was, “What type of pasta” I should use. Common sense kicked in and told me that I would need a thick and hearty pasta too cook with the chicken. So I used an orecchiette bag of pasta that I already had on hand. You can use different pasta with it, such as penne and rigatoni.

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Instant Pot Cheesy Chicken and Pasta dish is easy and delicious!


I hope you enjoy this super duper easy and delicious instant pot cheesy chicken and pasta recipe!

Yield: 8

Instant Pot Cheesy Chicken And Pasta


  • Approximately 2 pounds of skinless boneless chicken breasts cut into 1" chunks (Approximately 5 breasts)
  • 1 tablespoon of EVOO
  • 4 tablespoons of salted butter
  • 1 bag of orecchiette pasta (1 pound bag)
  • 2 cups of whole milk
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon of yellow mustard
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 4 cups of shredded mild cheddar cheese


  1. Press sauté mode button, add EVOO, and allow to heat.
  2. Once heated, add chicken breast chunks. Stir occasionally. You just want to slightly sear the chicken.
  3. Once seared, add water, salt, pepper, and pasta. Lock lid in place, and close vent. Cook on high manual pressure for 8 minutes and NPR for 5 minutes. Release any remaining pressure and remove lid.
  4. Add all remaining ingredients, and stir well until cheese is melted.


PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to use other types of pasta, reduce the time to 6 minutes high manual pressure time. This type of pasta is more dense than most, so it takes an extra minute or two to cook thoroughly with the chicken.

As you can see, I am just wanting to sear off the chicken for a few minutes to give it a little color.

You will not have made an easier or delicious meal in your Instant Pot. My Instant Pot cheesy chicken and pasta is going to be a HUGE hit in your home, too! Please note: IF you’re using a 6 quart Instant Pot, you will have to adjust your liquid some by using a little less. When I get a 6 quart Instant Pot, I will update the recipe for you!

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I love creating fun, easy, and delicious recipes for everyone in the family to enjoy and make. With my family of 9 (11 if you count my two pups!), I have to make meals for all different tastes and in a short amount of time. When I'm not busy cooking, I'm taking care of my special needs sister, Angela..which you can read all about our journey!


  1. I am hoping that I add the pasta, milk and cheese in step #4. It does not say to add the pasta in this step however.

    • Sorry about that! I made an edit to it earlier to correct a misspelling, and forgot to write pasta back in it lol.

  2. I just had a major recipe fail and think the directions need a tune-up—it says in step 3 to add everything except milk and cheese and then in step 4 says to add PASTA, milk and cheese. I added the pasta in step 3. 🙁

  3. So I am a brand new instant pot user. I chose this recipe b/c it appeared very easy. I don’t know what happened (other than absolute user error). It turned out very watery and the cheese curdled. Can you help a newby out?

    • Did you use enough pasta? This is a thick and hearty type of pasta, and you have to use a thick and hearty type of pasta to “soak up the liquid”. For the cheese, I’ve not ever heard of shredded cheese curdling before. 6 Cups of cheese = 3 8oz bags of cheddar cheese. So just double check that. Hope this helps!

    • Did you use cold milk? Cold milk added to a hot liquid will curdle! Try warming milk a little in microwave before adding next time and see if that doesn’t help!

  4. I just want to double check because it has been misunderstood in the past. Do you have to cook the pasta before adding it in? Or add in the uncooked bag ?

    • Hi Erica! I’m sorry for a delayed response, but I was in the middle of moving into my new home. Oh the stress of it all lol! However, you put the pasta in uncooked!

  5. Hi David,

    I tried this tonight and ran into some issues, but I want to make sure it’s actually different than how it turns out for you.

    I used 1 lb of fusilli pasta and it ended up very much al dente. Is this normal?

    Like another reviewer, I had curdling happen too, though I’m fairly certain it was the milk and not the cheese. I don’t suspect this affected flavor but did affect the texture, making it feel very grainy. Is this different than what you get?

    As for the “liquidy” comments, mine also seemed very watery at first but thickened pretty quickly upon cooling, for whatever that’s worth! Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Caitlin! I apologize for a delayed response, as I just moved and am finishing up some more unpacking. If it turns out too al dente, place the lid back on your IP and seal it. Wait for about 5 minutes, and the steam and hot cheesy liquid will cook it for you. No Need to turn the IP back 🙂 It’s why I love the IP so much! <3 However, I didn't experience any curdling, so I'm wondering if this is happening from different elevations. I will have a few friends from around the country help me test this theory. Thank you so much for trying out my recipe!

  6. Pasta was super AL dente almost hard. I followed directions perfectly. Is this how it comes out. Not much scorching though:)

    • Yay for no scorching!! <3 If it turned out super al dente, you can always just put the lid back on it and close for about 5 minutes so it can cook a little bit more from the steam and hot cheesy liquid. No need to turn the IP back on.

  7. I ended up only using one cup of milk and it turned out fantastic! This sauce quickly thickened upon cooling and was the perfect consistency. My ultra picky kids loved this! So did we!

  8. Looks like I’ll be skipping this one .. seems to have a lot of problems that need to be worked out. Has anyone made this successfully?

  9. Good, hearty, and flavorful but I suggest less chz. Kids loved it but complained about it being too thick and cheesy. What kid says too much chz!!

  10. Ok. I’m going to attempt this one tonight. We’re contemplating a box of Penne Rigate or Cellentani (both are what we have on hand). I know you suggested adjusting cook times for different pasta; would you think 8 minutes is enough for either of those? Additionally, what is the feedback on the curdling? I’m going to microwave my milk for JUST a few seconds to take the chill off to prevent that; any other feedback? We’d like this to be successful!

    • Hi Meredith! I feel that 8 minutes might actually be enough time to cook either one of those pastas! If you find that your pasta is still a little too al dente, keep your IP on warm and close the lid back on top. You can leave the vent to the open position. This will help keep some of the steam inside of the pot from the food, and will continue cooking it.
      Also, I’ve not had anyone complain about a curdling effect happening to the milk. However, I’m always about using room temperature dairy products to stop any type of curdling happen. So go for it! I’m so excited to see what happens for you!

  11. I am completely new to IP cooking, and am excited to try this recipe. However, I need to halve the recipe. Being new, I’m not sure how to adjust the times for half the amount of ingredients. Any recommendations, please?

    • If you half this recipe, you only need to reduce the times by a minute or two at the absolute most. Mostly because pasta and chicken still take time to cook. I hope this helps!


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