Hot Chocolate Bombs

Our delectable Hot Chocolate Bombs live up to all that is warm and cozy about the winter season. Irresistible chocolate with sweet marshmallows is just blissful when the weather starts to cool, and will make a thoughtful holiday gift for your friends and family. 

overhead shot of multiple hot chocolate bombs on a wooden board with mini marshmallows sprinkled around

What are Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Take your hot chocolate game to the next level with this easy-to-make Hot Chocolate Bombs recipe! Hollows balls of creamy milk, white, or dark chocolate packed with hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows combine with milk or hot water for the perfect cup of hot chocolate.

How Do I Store Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Store Hot Chocolate Bombs in a sealed container for up to 2 months. Just be sure to keep them away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight. If you’re nervous about them melting, keep them in the fridge. 

hot chocolate bombs in a white coffee cup on a wooden board

Can I Freeze Hot Chocolate Bombs?

You can put them in a freezer-safe container for up to 3 months. This is great for when to make them in batches to enjoy whenever you want a rich and delicious cup of hot cocoa! When I know I have a lot of family or company coming over, I like to make big batches of them to divvy out to everyone. There’s always gonna be someone who wants a cup of rich chocolatey hot cocoa!

Can I Make Hot Chocolate Bombs Without Molds?

Yes, you can. However, it changes the shape of the Hot Chocolate Bomb, and it may not be as spherical of a bomb as you would have if you used a chocolate mold. If you don’t have a round chocolate mold at home, try using mini cupcake liners or ice cube trays.   

Chocolate milk being poured into a cup with a hot chocolate bomb in it

Tips for Making Hot Chocolate Bombs

  • Spread the chocolate evenly around the dome-shaped mold, making sure to get up to the edges. Gently spread the chocolate with the back of a spoon to seal them shut.
  • Take your time. Ensure each layer of chocolate has hardened before moving on to the next step, or the shell could easily fall apart. 
  • Follow the package directions when melting the chocolate. If it is overheated, the texture can become thick and gooey. 
a white ceramic cup filled with hot chocolate with the hot cocoa bombs next to them


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  • You can get creative with this recipe to make festive treats throughout the year. Use food coloring to dye the white chocolate a pastel color for Easter and drizzle them with white chocolate for a yummy Springtime treat. 
  • Avoid handling these Hot Chocolate Bombs too much to keep them from melting on your fingers.
  • Place the molds into the freezer for 5-10 minutes or in the fridge for 30 minutes before removing the bombs from the molds. Take them out a couple of minutes into the setting and brush extra chocolate on the top edges to make it thicker. Let them set entirely before carefully popping the chocolate dome out of the mold. Set the formed bombs aside on a cold plate.
how hot chocolate bombs are made with the fillings


Hot Cocoa Mix: You can use any hot cocoa mix, such as classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or peppermint cocoa!

Marshmallows: Stir in crushed candy canes or starlight mints, chocolate chips, a drop of mint or peppermint extract, or fresh mint leaves.

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Yield: 6

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Irresistible chocolate with sweet marshmallows is just blissful when the weather starts to cool, and will make a thoughtful holiday gift for your friends and family. 

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • Milk, White or Dark Chocolate
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • 6 Teaspoons Hot Cocoa Mix
  • Dome Silicone Molds
  • Paintbrush


  1. Melt the chocolate and spoon a small amount into the mold
  2. Using the paintbrush, spread the chocolate evenly around the mold, making sure to get all the way up to the edges
  3. Allow chocolate to harden and repeat layering on more chocolate until you have done about 3-4 layers
  4. Allow chocolate to be completely hard, 5 minutes, then gently remove it from the mold
  5. Fill one side of the shell with 2 teaspoons of hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows
  6. Heat a microwave-safe plate and place the second half of the chocolate shell open-side down onto the plate to melt the rim
  7. Quickly place the two open ends together and smooth out any extra chocolate around the seam
  8. Place in a mug and pour warm milk over the top to melt and reveal the hot chocolate within


Here's a link to buy the molds on Amazon: Silicone Molds

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