The History of Pants

the history of pants

Pants are one of the most common fashion items for both men and women. However, even though they existed for quite a long time, we are not certain who created them. According to historians, they were first worn by Gauls who lived on territory of today’s France. During war with Gauls, Romans noticed that they had an important military advantage. These were the pants that provided great warmth during cold winters. So, in order to adapt, they started making their own pants made from leather. Given that Roman culture was spread all over the Europe, North Africa and Middle East, other nations also got introduced to this product. However, they didn’t catch up immediately.

During entire medieval period, people still wore clothes in the same manner Romans wore them: wrapped around their legs. However, under big, elegant dresses, people wore socks that went up to hips and they were attached to coat or jacket. Gothic fashion brought about new clothes, including pants. This also explains why we use this term in plural. At the beginning, they were opened from the front and from the behind and as jackets became shorter, new fashion item was required in order to compensate for this change. For this purpose, codpiece was created in 15th century and it became the most interesting item in the history of fashion. At the end of the 16th century, codpiece became part of the pants and this is when they acquired the shape that exists today.

During baroque, pants became shorter, just enough to cover person’s knees and they remained the same until 19th century when long trousers were made. These pants quickly became popular all over the world though sailors who wore them and introduced them to other cultures. They wore wide pants, which were quickly adopted by other countries. However, they also helped spread jeans. Given that textile was expensive, sailors made pants from denim. It was type of cloth that was used for sails and it was very durable. So, it shouldn’t surprise us that denim and jeans became the most important part of worker’s wardrobe.

Jeans were also made during Renaissance, in Genoa, Italy and they became quite popular in neighboring countries during late 19th century. Having in mind that they were blue, they became known as “blue de Genes” or Genoa blue. When British people started using them, the name turned into jeans. First women that wore this type of pants were coal miners from Scotland during mid-19th century. At that time, this was quite uncommon and it led to public outrage.

In time, women all over the world started wearing them for house choirs and this is how they became trendy. During 60s, there were a lot of civil rights movements. Among other, women requested liberty to dress as men. Finally, fashion creators started making jeans and pants for women. Nowadays, this is the crucial part of female wardrobe. You can find numerous styles and types of this product such as rave pants, baggy pants, Palazzo, Capri and many others.