F-secure Safe Has My iPhone on Lockdown

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I remember the first time that I lost my very first iPhone that I bought for myself. My iPhone was a beautiful sight to behold. It was sleek. It was the first generation of touch screens. It had my whole livelihood in it, and it was the first time that I acknowledged that I had my whole life of connection to the world in the palm of my hand. It was even more of tedious job when I bought my first iPhone because you had to manual enter in all of your contact information, which was still all knew to me in doing so. I wanted everything to be entered in correctly, perfectly, and with as much information that I had on my contacts. In a matter of 6 months that I had it while working at my restaurant…it was stolen. I wish I had the technology of F-secure Safe back then like I do now. Now if I can’t find my phone, lost it, or it get’s stolen (“borrowed”), I have F-secure Safe to back me up and keep my data safe.

At first, I thought getting everything started with F-secure Safe was going to be a huge headache. I was already rolling the eyes into the back of my head because I wasn’t ready to start the whole process. Well, I was little surprised. In the matter of signing up for my 4 month free trial (you can receive 4 months free by clicking here), and downloading F-Secure Safe’s free app for my iPhone, I was setup and ready to go. The process is completely painless. Here, let me show you! Please note, before you get started with the process…it’s best to get your free four month account started so you can follow along more easily.


If you have an iPhone, go to the iTunes store and search F-Secure Safe, and you’ll immediately find it without any issues.


This is just the standard acceptance of Terms and services. It’s all spelled out, so nothing to be shy of. If you have questions, just simply ask away! Their tech and support teams are pretty fabulous.


Then you can totally name your device in the app. It’s kinda like what you already do when you are hooking your phones to sync to your laptops or computers.


Then comes the standard  of accepting or denying alerts. This time, I’m actually going to accept them because I want to stay on top of my iPhone and making sure my information is totally secure.


Ta-dah! Your browsing is now protected! This is your home screen on your F-Secure Safe app. It’s very simply and spells it out for you. If you click on My F-Secure Safe, you’ll get the following screen:


This will show your device already added, but you can also invite your family and friends to protect their devices, too. So if you have a few extra licenses, then be sure to share! Sharing is caring. FYI, adding an additional device is going to be a piece of cake. Simply have them download the app on their phones, too!


As an “Uncle Mama” of the three nephews, this is my favorite part: Parental controls. I can set daily time limits for internet browsing, choose what type of content I want to block on this device (or any device I wash), and I can make my iPhone a little more secure with the security code access that cane easily be enabled. Even when I can’t keep a real eye on my nephews and using my phone or other devices to go online, F-Secure Safe makes it completely easy to control any time limits that I want, and I won’t have to worry about my nephews being sneaky and staying up late.


This is my second favorite part: The finder. I can share my location via SMS or email, locate my iPhone (or other devices remotely), and I can even send an alarm tone straight to iPhone that’s done a remote level. So even if I merely misplaced my iPhone, I can simply  go to my laptop, and start sending signals for it to set off a specific alarm tone that I’ve chosen.

I am starting to feel much safer in knowing that F-Secure Safe has got my back, and they can have yours! Grab your FREE FOUR MONTH TRIAL TODAY!