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With Stranger Things Season 2 coming out in time for Halloween, the Eleven Stranger Things costume ensemble is one of the biggest costume commodities this year! We all fell in love the pure innocence that she exudes, and of course her love for Eggo waffles. Stranger Things has easily become a cult classic TV series, and we all can not WAIT until Stranger Things season 2 comes out! Have you seen the trailer just yet? OMG, you HAVE to watch it! To make your life easier, I’ve placed it below so you can watch it!

Our gang is back, and the nostalgic 80’s feeling has been making me screaming while I’m jumping up and down. I can barely contain myself because of a nod to all things that made the 80’s so amazing, especially with Vincent Price talking from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and then the gang dressed up in the Ghost Busters costumes! I think I actually might have shed a tear or two.

Let’s Talk Eleven Stranger Things Costume

Almost everyone wants to wear an Eleven Stranger Things costume for Halloween. It’s become one of the hottest trends, and we can’t really blame anyone at all for it. Especially since you have a couple of options to choose from: You have Eleven in her hospital gown, and then Eleven in her pink dress.

I’m gonna talk about both, and show you how you can achieve either look in a DIY way. If you don’t like anything DIY, then I’m gonna give you some links to where you can just buy the Eleven stranger things costume.This way I can try to make everyone happy.


Eleven Stranger Things Costume Pink Dress

Everyone wants to make Eleven’s pink dress. Guess what? I found a great video tutorial that shows you how to customize and put together the Eleven Stranger Things costume pink dress for you! In the video, you’ll see the different patterns that she puts together. She also has  the .pdf pattern dress readily available for you to purchase and download. It’s really not that expensive, especially if you’re someone that loves to love. However, I love her explanation and tips she gives in the video.

You can also visit her Etsy shop for the Eleven Pink Dress Costume Pattern. You can also check out OhMeOhMy’s Etsy shop for another version of the pink dress pattern. They both give you the type of fabric that you will need to make this awesome dress. If you do happen to go this route of sewing it, you’ll probably wind up feeling like a total bad ass for doing it!


Here’s another video that actually shows you how to make the ribbing effect on the front of the pink dress. It uses a mixture of elastic thread and normal pink thread, again this is the lady from the first video that gives you lots of great tips on making the dress. I love that she does it in such an easy and simple format, and you can kind be a newbie to sewing with her tips.

However, if you’re like me and can barely sew, then I would totally recommend getting this Eleven Stranger Things costume pink dress off of Amazon. The dress runs super true to size, and the reviews are fab for it.

The next we want to do is the makeup stuff to help pull together Eleven’s look. Here’s what you’re going to need to do the makeup stuff:

The video has so many cool and easy techniques that I really didn’t think of before. The best part is that you really don’t need to use super expensive makeup to try to achieve this look of the Eleven Stranger Things makeup tutorial. Some parts are sped up for ease of watching it being done, but it all just makes perfect sense when you see it in action. I love easy to follow along tutorials because I’m such a visual learner. If you’re visual person like me, then you’ll totally love it too!

Eleven Halloween Costume in Hospital Gown

Eleven stranger things costume hospital gown is one of the more iconic costumes as that's what we first see Eleven in.

When we first meet Eleven, we see here in a hospital gown. If this is the route that you want to take with your Eleven Stranger Things Costume, then totally go for it! Yes, you can easily find this fabric and just sew it up with no problems. You don’t need any real technical skills besides just being able to thread a bobbin and thread onto a sewing machine, and you have to be able to sew a somewhat of a straight line.

However, if you don’t want to go through that whole mess, then you can easily purchase the Eleven hospital gown. If you don’t buy this replica, then you can always just get a hospital gown from a place that sells scrubs and hospital stuff. You can probably even find it a Goodwill or Salvation Army in your neighborhood.

If you’re going to finish the whole outfit, then your’e going to need a fabulous blonde wig. Now, the wig isn’t supposed to be this amazing looking thing. Just find a decently nice looking & affordable one. I actually found a blonde wig at just around $15 that’s going to work perfect.

Now that you have the wig, then you can just go to your closest grocery store and buy a couple of boxes of Eggo Waffles. I mean, unless you already have some on hand in your freezer, then you’re already good to go!

Eleven Stranger Things Costumes From Around the World

Okay, so I’ve found a TON of different costumes that people have bought or made based around Eleven, and they are pretty freaking awesome! It even makes me wanna go out and get a pink dress and wig to put on, just don’t tell anyone that I said that! Here’s are some links to a few of my favorites:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial about Eleven Stranger Things Costumes ideas and makeup tutorials that I’ve found. If you haven’t already watched Stranger Things, then make sure you catch up with it on Netflix! You totally won’t be disappointed.

Eleven Stranger Things Costume tutorials and makeup ideas that your'e gonna love! Plus other fabulous info! You totally have to see this!

If you’re dressing up as Eleven, then please make sure you share photos with me so I can upload them on my site to share with the whole world of Eleven loving people! Don’t forget to pin this image of Eleven on Pinterest for later or to share with the world!

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