What can be better than making boiled peanuts? How about making Instant Pot boiled peanuts? That’s exactly what I did the other day! My whole family knows that I love using my Instant Pot whenever I can, so I was challenged to see if I could Instant Pot boiled peanuts, and then see how they would turn out. I love that I was able to use my Instant Pot to make a Southern treat that pours like sweet tea in every family.

The best instant pot boiled peanuts that you're ever gonna make!

How did the Instant Pot boiled peanuts turn out, you ask? They turned out simply amazing! In fact, my family barely left me any to eat. So I have the seal of approval, and requests to make more for them. Which is fine by me. I don’t mind being able to make the family a snack that they all enjoy that requires very little dedication on my part.

Instant Pot Boiled Peanuts in Under an Hour

This is totally my favorite part! The time it takes to make these Instant Pot boiled peanuts. Typically, it takes about 1-3 hours to make boiled peanuts on the stove (normally 3 hours). The best part about making the boiled peanuts in the Instant Pot is not just the length of time, but I don’t have to worry about sweating in the kitchen from the hot steam coming from the boiling pot of water. Now I can make boiled peanuts in the middle of the Summer, and not have to worry about heating up my kitchen! I totally love that!

The best instant pot boiled peanuts that you're ever gonna make!

¬†Admittedly, I never really liked boiled peanuts. Mostly because they were just too salty for my taste. Every time I ate one, it was like I was licking a a salt lick that was left for deers…and no, I don’t wanna talk about how I know what a deer salt lick tastes like! Let’s just say that it’s part of curiosity of growing up in the South with a huge deer population. I still tremble at thinking about it!

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Anyway, for this recipe…I think it’s just the perfect amount of salt mixed with a little bit of spice. Just how I like it! Honestly, I think you’re gonna love it, and will want to make it over and over again. Before I get to the recipe, I wanted to share some other fabulous Instant Pot recipes that I’ve made and my family has loved!

Plus I have many more Instant Pot recipes that I know you’ll love making for your family! Here’s the recipe, and I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!

Instant Pot Boiled Peanuts

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Prep Time 00:03 Cook Time 00:40 Total Time 0:43
Serves 1



  • 1 pound raw peanuts
  • 1/4 cup sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon white distilled vinegar
  • 7 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon Slap Ya Mama (or other cajun seasoning)


  1. Place raw peanuts and all ingredients into your Instant Pot, and stir with a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients around in the pot.
  2. Close lid, and set your IP on High Manual Pressure for 30 minutes, and then let it NPR.
  3. Make sure all steam is released! Remove lid, and serve! I like mine warm and not too hot. But SO many people love eating them hot, so enjoy!


Recipe Notes

Please note that this cooking time will make your peanuts slight firm. I don't like my boiled peanuts too soft. If you want southern style "Slurpee" peanuts, then add an additional 30 -35 minutes on the manual timer and allow to NPR.

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  1. I can only assume this recipe is for green peanuts. Outside of the south, we can only get raw *dried* peanuts, which require MUCH longer cooking times to soften, even under high pressure.

  2. I used raw “dried” peanuts and did 35 minutes and they were perfect! If you like mushy ones just do 60 minutes like recipe suggest.

  3. I’ve book marked your page. I’m making your Instant Pot Chicken Parmesean tonight and found the boiled peanuts recipe and I’ve been wanting to make boiled peanuts. Thanks. Looking forward to eating both!

  4. I used 2 lb of raw dried jumbo peanuts a third cup of red pepper flakes three quarter cup of salt and one Zatarain’s crab boil bag for 4 hours and they were just like the Cajun ones you buy in Florida

  5. OMG… I love the “slurpee” peanuts!! I’ve never heard them called that but man it’s the perfect name!
    I have an Instant Pot ordered and it should be here next week. This was the first recipe I looked up. We love peanuts but hate the cooking time and mess. This is just what I was looking for!!


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