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Use of Dermal Fillers Provided by Doctor Medica


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Aging is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being. Although we like to romanticize this process and period calling it “Golden age”, it remains a fact that our body is slowly starting to lose its functionality. This will result in various changes. From female point of view, alterations to the body and skin are the worst ones. Menopause and postmenopausal years have a debilitating result on woman’s confidence as she begins to notice saggy, dry skin. Often, this creates concerns in their mind and most of them will wonder what kind of impact these changes will have on their partners.
Given how important looks is for most women, medical science was developing over the years in order to counter this issue. First real esthetic treatment was esthetic surgery. This intervention had task not only to improve one’s look but also to correct different deformations caused by genetics or injuries. In a short time, it becomes one of the most popular therapies. Unfortunately, like any other types of surgery, there are certain risks involved. Oftentimes, women complained about enormous pain that started affecting them after the surgery. Even though this was expected, the sensation can be quite potent given the sensitivity of the face which was usually treated.
Another important thing that we have to have in mind is esthetic perception. Surgeries provided a long term solution. Sometimes, ladies do not like the result of treatment. Of course, patient can perform additional surgeries in order to correct the effect of the first one but no one has this in mind when they pay for an intervention. Given that they invested so much, both financially and emotionally, this can prove to a real defeat deterring them from performing any other similar intervention in future.
Finally, temporary solutions such as medical fillers were invented. Unlike, surgeries, these procedures should last only for several months. Doctor Medica team recommends this kind of procedure for all the women who are experiencing first signs of aging. Instead of performing painful surgery, dermal filler therapy is a temporary process that doesn’t hurt organism nor does it produce any severe side effects. Fillers treatment is often praised as one of the safest medical and esthetic procedures.
As it name implies, these drugs are meant to fill wrinkles that appear on face. Doctor will inject medicine in a few precise spots thus increasing level of hyaluronic acid in tissue. This substance is a naturally occurring sugar that works by keeping water within the skin. When there is enough of water, tissue will become plump, radiant and youthful. Doctor Medica professionals suggest going to an experienced doctor. Although this is a routine procedure, improper treatment can lead to unwanted results. When the procedure is over, patient shouldn’t do anything that can endanger his skin. Physical exercises, smoking, drinking, use of certain creams, can all have negative effect on the skin. Best way of preventing this is by consulting with the doctor and following his advice.

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