23 Copycat Olive Garden Recipes Everyone Loves

From the never ending salad bowl and basket of breadsticks, to their Zuppa Toscana – You’ll love all of these Copycat Olive Garden Recipes! No more picking up jars of store bought Alfredo sauce, and no more running to Olive Gardens when you’re hankering their decadent chocolate lasagna! You’ll be a Recipe making pro with these easy to follow along copycat recipes, and you’re family be on the side lines cheering you on.

Olive Garden Copycat Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana

Image Credit: Foodnservice

If you crave Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana, but don’t have a lot of time on hand…then make this Instant Pot Copycat version! Packed full of your favorite flavors you’ve grown to love.

Get the Recipe: Olive Garden Copycat Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana

Eggplant Parmesan

Image Credit: The Slow Roasted Italian

With three kinds of cheese and breaded eggplant nestled in a rich tomato sauce, this easy meal idea is even better than the Olive Garden option. Serve with a salad and breadsticks for a homemade version of comfort food.

Get the recipe: Eggplant parmesan

Chicken Fritta with Garlic Cream Sauce

Image Credit: Easy Family Recipes

Grab a pan and get ready to make a thirty minute meal dupe that delivers the flavor of Olive Garden in each bite. Serve this crispy chicken with creamy garlic sauce with noodles to replicate the taste so closely that your family might not believe you made it at home.

Get the recipe: Chicken fritta with garlic cream sauce

Pasta e Fagoli

Image Credit: Homan at Home

Nothing beats the soup, salad and breadstick meal from Olive Garden. If you are trying to stretch your budget, or just get the taste you crave without having to head out and wait for a table, you will appreciate this dupe. Use the slow cooker to make this pasta e fagoli for a fuss free family meal that is ready to serve when you get home.

Get the recipe: Pasta e fagoli

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Image Credit: House of Nash Eats

With tender pasta in a creamy homemade alfredo sauce and chunks of perfectly seasoned chicken over the top, after just one bite, you will agree this recipe is even better than the original option at Olive Garden. Pair with bread and salad or a steamed veggie for a great homemade meal.

Get the recipe: Chicken fettuccine alfredo

Lasagna Roll Ups

Image Credit: Love from the Oven

It has been a while since lasagna roll ups were offered on the menu, but  OG Olive Garden fans will remember how saucy and cheesy these tasty roll ups were. No you can bring the flavor back in style, in your home kitchen for a taste of nostalgia that the whole family will enjoy.

Get the recipe: Lasagna roll ups

Baked Parmesan Shrimp

Image Credit: Homemade Hooplah

Succulent parmesan shrimp paired with pasta makes a perfect copycat to try at home. The flavor tastes authentic to the restaurant offering, but the recipe is so easy, you can recreate it anytime. It is ready to serve in just about 50 minutes from start to finish.

Get the recipe: Baked parmesan shrimp

Steak Gorgonzola

Image Credit: Season and Thyme

You might not be able to order steak gorgonzola with alfredo sauce in the restaurant anymore, but this copycat recipe is a perfect dupe. With tender steak bites over perfectly cooked pasta and the creamiest sauce, this will satisfy your cravings for pasta and steak while giving you authentic OG flavor.

Get the recipe: Steak gorgonzola

Shrimp Scampi

Image Credit: Saving Room for Dessert

You can get really tasty shrimp scampi ready for dinner in just 40 minutes. This recipe is even better than what you can get at Olive Garden, and pairs great with breadsticks if you have time to make a copycat version.

Get the recipe: Shrimp scampi

Traditional Olive Garden Salad

Image Credit: Little Sunny Kitchen

If you can make a meal of the iconic salads from Olive Garden, you will want to save this recipe to make at home. It has the peppers, olives and onions you expect with a perfect knock off of the dressing.

Get the recipe: Olive Garden salad

Classic Minestrone Soup

Image Credit: Olivia’s Kitchen

Treat yourself to an endless bowl of soup without having to head to Olive Garden. With a savory broth, tender pasta and plenty of veggies, this easy recipe will satisfy your hunger. This recipe can be made ahead of time and frozen into small portions for easy meals on busy nights.

Get the recipe: Minestrone soup

Chocolate Lasagna

Image Credit: Fun Money Mom

A luscious slice of chocolate lasagna makes one impressive way to end a great copycat meal. With layers of rich, fudgy brownie cake and vanilla cream cheese , every bite offers a flavor that is nothing short of decadent. Lucky for you, you can have as many slices as you like with this Olive Garden knock off.

Get the recipe: Chocolate lasagna

Meatball Parmesan

Image Credit: The Slow Roasted Italian

Make a batch of these zesty meatballs as an appetizer, or to serve over top of a pile of tender pasta. This recipe makes the best meatballs with plenty of cheese over top and a bed of tasty sauce.

Get the recipe: Meatball Parmesan

Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno

Image Credit: Masala Herb

This cheesy ziti is a perfect dupe for Olive Garden. It is cheesy, has a tasty tomato sauce, and is so easy to make and on the table in under an hour. Pair with a salad or breadsticks for a homemade comfort food that is as good as the popular menu option.

Get the recipe: Five cheese ziti al forno

Italian Margarita

Image Credit: Burrata and Bubbles

If you always get an Italian margarita at Olive Garden, you are going to love having this easy cocktail recipe. You can still get the taste of a favorite drink from home while saving a bundle of cash in the process.

Get the recipe: Italian margaritas

Asiago Tortelloni Alfredo with Grilled Chicken

Image Credit: Sour and Sweets

With succulent chicken, creamy sauce and tender pillows of pasta, it is easy to see why this dish is so popular at Olive Garden. Make it at home for a comfort food meal that no one can resist. It pairs well with salad for a complete meal.

Get the recipe: Asiago tortelloni alfredo with grilled chicken

Traditional Breadsticks

Image Credit: House of Nash Eats

These breadsticks are even better than what you can get in the restaurant. Bake a dozen or two, and get your fill of garlic breadsticks whenever you have a craving. You won’t have to worry about annoying your server with refill requests.

Get the recipe: Breadsticks

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Image Credit: Tonya Staab

You only need a few ingredients to make this knock off. It tastes so similar to Olive Garden that even the pickiest eaters in your family will grab a bowl of this. Keep the recipe on hand for future take out fake out lunches.

Get the recipe: Grilled chicken caesar salad

Tuscan Garlic Chicken

Image Credit: Three Olives Branch

This recipe makes the best Tuscan garlic chicken you can get since it was removed from the menu at Olive Garden! With a creamy garlic sauce, red peppers and spinach over pasta with perfectly seasoned chicken, this is destined to be a family favorite meal.

Get the recipe: Tuscan garlic chicken

Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Image Credit: Sticks Scratch Kitchen

No need to go to Olive Garden for a great bowl of soup. This dupe of their famous chicken gnocchi soup is so close no one will know the difference. This is such a delicious idea for lunch or dinner. You are going to want to make this on repeat in the colder months.

Get the recipe: Chicken gnocchi soup

Crispy Chicken Fritta

Image Credit: Simply Made Eats

Thin chicken breast cutlets are breaded and fried to perfection with this copycat recipe. They taste just like a crispy chicken fritta and pair so well with alfredo or risotto. This dish is ready for the table in just thirty minutes.

Get the recipe: Crispy chicken fritta

Another Zuppa Toscano

Image Credit: Modern Honey

Make this soup when you crave Olive Garden but want to save money. It has the same flavor, from your home kitchen. You can have a pot of this ready to serve in under an hour. Pair with breadsticks for a total dupe that might fool the whole family.

Get the recipe: Zuppa Toscano

Herb Grilled Salmon

Image Credit: Butter Your Biscuit

This recipe isn’t technically grilled, but it is seared to perfection with herbs to make a great copycat. This is easy to make in just twenty minutes from start to finish for flaky and flavorful fish at home.

Get the recipe: Herb grilled salmon


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