BallPark’s New Flame Grilled Jerky Keeps Me Sane

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Ball Park® Flame Grilled Jerky

Everyone once in a while, a parent gets hit in the face with these dreaded words “Parent Teacher Conferences.” Which can mean only one thing: no school! The dreaded fear becomes so overwhelming, and you question how you’re going to keep your sanity from the constant chatter, tons of questions throughout the day for something (food, snacks, drinks, why is the sky blue?), and you know that you’re just about to lose it. Then…an amazing new product comes in to help save your sanity, if even for a little bit. This is how my week turned out! My nephews didn’t have to go to school for THREE DAYS! Yes, I said three. What was my first thought? A very loud scream…that I silently released inside of my head.

How was I going to get work done, while trying to take care of everyone’s questions for snacks, food, and the constant chatter that tweens are so well known for? Between Angela and my three nephews, and I was going to need a little bit of sanity saving. I was going to need something to keep their mouths inactive for a while…even if just for a little bit. This product review came at just the right time! So, THANK YOU BALL PARK®!

Just to let you know, I LOVE beef jerky. I could probably live on it forever, and be super content. Well, I would need my coffee too. Just to put that out there. Ball Park® was super generous to my huge family, and delivered 5 boxes with an assortment of flavors: Original, Bourbon BBQ, Peppered, Teriyaki Pork, and BBQ Pork. Wait…did you see what I just wrote? PORK JERKY! I have never in my life had pork jerky before, so I couldn’t wait to try it!

inside of the box

But before I get started, can please be a little bit of a graphic design dork? I am totally in love with their product packing! Each side of the box folds down to where it looks like the bags of Ball Park® Flame Grilled Jerky is LITERALLY on the grill. Even my nephews loved it, and actually have it in their bedrooms as “bookshelf art”. If I knew that a box would make them so damn happy, I totally wouldn’t have been letting them play on my array of tablets and gaming systems. Moving on…

my favorite flavor

Let’s start off with my favorite! Teriyaki Pork Jerky! I’m am completely infatuated! In fact, I TRIED to hide the other bags of it! Note the word, TRIED. Honestly, this is best the best type of jerky that’s ever hit mouth! It is no where’s near to close to being chewy, like you would expect if you overcook a pork chop. It was super tender and delicious! This is going on my weekly shopping trip. I don’t know if I can survive very well without!

Here’s the proof that you need of what kept my sanity. Yes, I totally had to take pictures of this event!

Isacc has his favorite bag of jerky while watching movies on my tablet. He's an original flavored jerky kinda guy.
Isacc has his favorite bag of jerky while watching movies on my tablet. He’s an original flavored jerky kinda guy.


Elijah has his favorite BBW Pork Jerky. He's a total fan of the pork jerky, too!
Elijah has his favorite BBQ Pork Jerky. He’s a total fan of the pork jerky, too!

Look! Silence! I wish you were here to enjoy it with me. It was so nice and quiet, and I was actually able to get some work done! I think I might have done a little dance! You know…that type of dance that you do when your favorite team scored a touchdown in the ninth inning? *Yeah…I don’t do sports. So there goes that analogy out the window.

ballpark jerky for lunch

The best part about it all? My nephews LOVE the jerky! They actually asked me to pack some up for them to take to school for lunch! So, I divide a bag between the three of them and called it a day. It makes me feel a little bit better in knowing that they’re getting some extra protein for the day, besides getting it from those dreaded PB & J sandwiches that they eat on almost a daily basis.There’s a little over 8grams of protein per serving. It also helps to liven their snack options up, in comparison to boring chips or pretzels that I sneak into their lunch bags.

Do we love it? Yes! Do we need more? Maybe. Were down to our last 4 bags, and I’m starting to dread it. Daddy needs his fix, and something to help curb the mouth action of those in the household. Ball Park® Flame Grilled Jerky isn’t your run of the mill traditional dry, jaw hurting jerky. They give it a grill after the drying process to help make it tender. And how doesn’t love tender jerky? What’s even better? How about no added MSG! Yup. They’re a total keeper.

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