Awesome Ideas For Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthier Foods

awesome ideas for getting your kids to eat healthier

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Children and healthy eating aren’t necessarily an easy mix. It can be incredibly stressful for parents to try and encourage their children to eat more nutritious food. When you bear in mind that obesity is is a serious problem that is only getting worse, it’s no surprise that parents have a tough job on their hands.

Not only must they eat well themselves, but they also have their little ones to think about. So, if you are struggling to get your kids eating healthily, read on. We have come up with some ideas that might just help.

Be A Good Example

First of all, make sure you are a good example in front of your children! It’s all well and good asking them to eat their vegetables, but if they see you avoiding them, too, it’s just not fair. Find yourself going to the snack cupboard a little often? Then you need to think about stopping that, too. Kids take so much of their behavior from parents – and everything you do will be noticed!


Prepare It With Them

Babies and toddlers eat most things, but when your little ones get independent, they can be a lot fussier. Your best bet is to get them involved with the preparation process. Kids love to get involved in the kitchen, and they might be more willing to try new things if they have helped to make them. You can get them to help with prepping your veg, for example, or even making healthy sandwiches. Breakfasts can be a little trickier, due to lack of time. But, you could prepare overnight oats with them before they go to bed. It’s a far healthier alternative to sugary cereals, and the fact they have to wait to eat them might help with their enthusiasm.

I also have a huge list of great lunch options that you can make for your kids!

Stock Up Your Cupboards With Healthy Food

It sounds obvious, but if there are treats and sugary snacks around, your children will want them. Kids eat what is in the house, and if there are no biscuits, they won’t just go without. There might be a few scenes at first – but they will come around to the idea. You will find that once they are off the sugar and chocolate for a while, their tastes will change. Fruit will become sweeter for them, whole or dried, for example – both are excellent alternatives.


Talk About The Benefits

Try to avoid talking about the unhealthiness of sugary and fatty foods. Instead, promote the health benefits of vegetables and nutritious snacks. Tie it in with the activities they love doing for optimal effect. For example, saying eating lean chicken is good for protein is not going to work – saying it will help them become big and strong, might.

Praise Them When They Choose Healthy Food

Finally, always praise your kids when they eat healthy food. It can help strengthen their relationships with healthy eating, and will lead to a better attitude all around. It’s a simple thing to do – but it’s also easy to forget. Finally, avoid nagging them for unhealthy choices, too – just offer them a better alternative.

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