Annual Guys Holiday Night Out With Cubero

cubero 1

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Every year, me and my friends enjoy our own little “Unofficial” Holiday Cocktail Party get together. We pull out our delicious bottles of wine, cigars, different types of cheese & appetizers, and the whole nine yards. I was super happy to have the opportunity to review Cubero Cigars because of the perfect timing for our run amuck party! I was able to easily order mine on the Cubero Cigars website, and my package was delivered within 3 days. Now that’s some pretty fast shipping.

The hardest decision was trying to figure out exactly which blend of Cuber Cigars I wanted us to all enjoy to help enhance our experience of the night of our tomfoolery! There are three different flavors: Blend 35 – Sweet, Blend 07 – Wine, and Blend 12 – Mocha. After too much overthinking, I decided to go with the Blend 35 – Sweet. The reason? The amazing blend that it has infused. Blend 35 – Sweet boast fine tobacco with rum, a hint of mint, and sugar cane for a sweet finish. I just knew that I picked the right wine to go along with some of those meaty cabs, robust cheese, and an amazing Artichoke and black olive pizza recipe that I got from an amazing friend of mine!

veggie pizza

Doesn’t that just look absolutely amazing?? I can’t wait to share it with the guys!

cubero 3

I decorated up some packages with ribbons and a cute bow, and then opened up some packages and placed them a candy styled dish for presentation. I had to make it look cool, and have easy access for when everyone was ready to enjoy Cuber Cigar. Plus, I wanted to have a fun gift for all of them to take home with them to enjoy later. I also saved a package for my Father in Law to put into his stocking! I know he’ll totally love these.

I hit the nail on the head with the blend that I got from Cubero Cigars. You can really taste the rum in the leaves, and the finish wasn’t overly sweet at all. In fact, rum infusion really knocked a few of our really meaty cabernets out of the park! The industrial undertones of the cabernet with hint of mint and rum really did a great job in meeting each other in the middle. The guys completely agreed with me, and they can’t wait to get their hands on their own to keep around the house and share at their next part they host.

cubero 2

These Cubero Cigars pack a lot of flavor in their small package, and we were all pleasantly happy and surprised. I have a friend getting married next year, and he’s totally buying a few boxes of these for his bachelor party! What’s great, is that these make amazing gifts across the board; whether it’s for a gift to a new Dad, a wedding gift for the guys, Tailgate parties with your friends, and most definitely great for your next cocktail or wine party! Even better? The Price point! I can’t believe how totally affordable these are. To sign up for free coupons and to find a retailer near you visit Cubero Cigars website here. Who doesn’t love to save a buck or two?

Go and visit Cubero Cigars website, and order a box today. You’ll be completely happy that you did! I know that I was. However, with that in mind…I have to remind of the following: