Blogger Support and Encouragement Facebook Group

About The Group

Blogger Support and Encouragement Facebook Group


This will be the only Facebook group that you will need to help support and encourage you in your blogging career. In this group, my goal is to give you all the tools and information of the trade in order to be successful in your blogging endeavors, in any direction that you want to take it in. If you’re tired of jumping from Facebook group to Facebook group to find answers to the questions that you might have, the support that you need for doing group threads to help give your blog posts the boost that they need, then you’re going to fall in love with this.  In addition, I am here to learn from you! It’s all of us, as a community of bloggers, that can help us each blossom into our own niche of writing.

I can not make you do anything at all. That is up to you. We can only give each other the tools to make ourselves amazing at what you do, like you already are – amazing, that is! This group is meant to help give you accountability, motivation from when you have the lack of it, the encouragement to know that you are amazing at what you’re doing and what your goals are for blogging, and to know that we are all in it together…no matter what niche of a blogger you are.

Here’s what you can expect out of this group from the different services and information that you will always be able to go back to and learn from:

  • Daily Thread Support for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Instagram. (Coming Soon)
  • Group and Flash Giveaways (Coming soon)
  • Internal Friendly Competitions
  • Free Printables to help keep yourself organized
  • Monthly Webinars and videos (some will be pre-recorded) over various topics of: Food Photography, SEO Optimization, Social Media usage, Different Social Media Topics, Where to Find WordPress Themes & Plugins, how to capitalize on Blog traffic, Adsense topics, Vlogging, and more! (Coming Soon)
  • Access to information on: Photoshop Tutorials, Pic Monkey Tutorials, Linky DataBase, Blogger Resources, Public sharing of contacts that have been approved from companies, and so much more! The different databases will continue to grow as more is added on in our growth and sharing of knowledge.
  • Writing challenges
  • Great places for sponsored content, advertisement, and product reviews (including Amazon Reviews).

And these topics are just the tip of the iceberg. Over time, as the group continues to grow, I will adding more and more information to assist you along your blogging career. Do I know it all? No. I just happen to know some of the right pieces of information. With your help, this group will become more and more amazing!


If this sounds like something that you would love to be a part of, then please fill out the form below!