5 Tips To Enjoy Papa Johns Pizza This Football Season


The Football season is upon us, and Papa Johns is having fan-tabulous #FanTastyFootball action happening on Twitter! There are so many ways to enjoy football on a sunny brisk day while wearing a football jersey. But no matter what team you’re rooting for, just make sure you have yourself some Papa Johns Pizza by your side.


Follow me and Papa Johns on Twitter to stay on top of their #FanTastyFootball challenges to show off YOUR team spirit and knowledge! The ultimate prize? You’ll placed on their Instagram showcase in front of THOUSANDS of people! So you’ll get to feel a little bit of stardom for the day.

Here’s a quick video of 5 Ways to enjoy Papa Johns Pizza this Football season:



How do you like your pizza “decorated”? My family and I are a bit on the plain Jane side of life and just love extra cheese and pepperoni. But that garlic butter sauce is everything in life that is amazing.


But something that I totally look forward to? That zesty pepperoncini!

But can we be honest with each other for just a minute? I’m not one of those guys that goes crazy over watching football. In fact, I tend to call it “Foodball” because I’m in the kitchen making snacks and appetizers for my honey and his friends.  I just pretend to like it. I mean…there are some pretty cute guys on the field running around in tights, so I guess that IS a pretty good perk to watch. And lawd have mercy…don’t tell me that I’m alone in this lol!

However, I digress. If you’re going to be entertaining this football season, make it easy! Make it Papa Johns! Is it me, or does that pepperoni and cheese pizza just look so sexy over there. I’m getting hungry…so I’m gonna go and order now!