13 Cutest DIY Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

100 Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

13 Creative Halloween Costume DIY – Part 2

In the first of this series (12 Creative DIY Costume Ideas) then click on the link I just provided for you! All these costume ideas work for Children and Adults alike! The hardest part in trying to find these amazing costume ideas is getting photo permission to use them. I’ve written the companies, but I have yet to get a response. I’ve decided to go ahead and move forward because I think you absolutely have to see these!! However, I did get one response back for a picture that I can’t wait to show you! These Costume ideas use everyday clothes and items that will help you have greener Halloween!

1. The Corpses Bride

The Corpses Bride DIY Halloween Costume Idea

Believe it or not, this costume cost less than $4!! The Dress is made from recycled white drapes, black and blue yarn, some makeup and flowers already around the house. The yarn and little flowers in the hair is what cost the most! There’s no pattern to provide for the dress, but the biggest hint is to make the dress drape and flow. So, there’s no real wrong way of doing this. (If you have an old white stained tablecloth, that will work!). For the hair, variate and cut long lengths of hair. I would recommend in making each side come past the shoulders. The middle part is pulled to the back to back a big loose bun shape. For the makeup, the mom used her blue eye shadow all over (to help create that ghostly feeling), and with the same eye shadow applied to the eyes in a darker color. A light purple colored lip stick on the lips, and black eye liner on the arms and hands to create a skeleton bone structure outline. Rub the eyeliner lines of the bones. They don’t have to be stark, but only a shadowing effect. Find some fake flowers to make a bouquet out of and your done. If you have black ribbon to tie around the bouquet, that would just add to the effect!

Ink Garden

The next 12 are simply amazing to try out! You’re gonna be surprised how easy these are to do, and the little time that goes into making them!

Little Jelly Fish

Cute Puppy Litter Costumer

Cute Octopus Costume

The Cutest Penguin Ever!

Little Miss Mouse

Unicorn Costume

Adorable Bedbug

Cute Monkey Business!

Kids Lady Bug

Baby Chicken 

Baby Mouse

Baby Lion

Make Sure you subscribe to my RSS newsfeed to stay up to date about the next series coming up!! I love all these ideas, and wish I could do them all! Avery Special thanks goes out to the follow for their daily inspiration and great DIY ideas that found:  Parents.com, Familyfun.com and Countryliving.com

Ink Garden

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